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  • Objectives of the Iranian Scientific Association of Healthy Food and Nutrition

    Relation objectives

    • Establishing effective relations with "Research and Development" units of food industries and using their capabilities in manufacturing the products that both provides the interest of industries and help in maintaining and improving the health status of community;
    • Establishing relation with food producers and the related crafts for introducing the nutritional requirements of different groups and supporting them in provision of those requirements;
    • Establishing relation with organizations and institutes that work in food and nutrition field, and thereby, helping in better use of resources, recommending policies, distributing messages, and advocating ministries of Health, Commerce, Agriculture, Education, as well as organizations like Broadcasting centers;
    • Establishing relation with authorized international organizations in order to transferring the needed knowledge and technology of the research target groups;
    • Co-operating with food industries and the related crafts for designing and implementing studies which result in producing healthy foods;
    • Developing investigational and interventional proposals on food and nutrition field;
    • Implementing research or interventional studies, on demand;
    • To support producing, importing and distributing healthy foods, scientifically;
    • Developing innovative proposals on food producing, supplying or consuming

    Educational objectives

    • To review the educational needs of different groups or areas, on food and nutrition;
    • To design the appropriate educational packages for the different groups;
    • To hold educational courses on demand of different groups or organizations;
    • To evaluate the held courses on food and nutrition, on demand of the ordering organizations;
    • To design and implement educational courses which can improve the capacity and professional capabilities of nutrition and food industry experts

    Policy Objectives

    • To develop, suggest and justify food and nutrition related policies which should be entered into the national socio-economic programs and be implemented by the responsible organizations;
    • To use the outcomes of the association's activities in developing the policies which should be adopted by food and nutrition related man-power training institutes in responding the needs of market and community

    Cultural objectives

    • To acclaim food producers and the related crafts that try for improving the health status of community (for example through presenting the "Health Medallion");
    • To hold innovative festivals and meetings for drawing the public attention toward the worth of healthy food and nutrition;
    • To help in correcting the food habits of community and accepting healthy and nutritious foods

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