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    Epidemiological transition is the most obvious feature of the health status of many countries in this era. This condition increases the burden of diseases and causes dominance of chronic non-communicable diseases over acute communicable ones. Practically, it means that along with maintaining the valuable outcomes of controlling communicable diseases, effective initiatives should also be considered for preventing the expansion of the risk factors of non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable diseases originate from nutritional behaviors of last years or decades, or even from fetal life. Therefore, controlling them is harder than acute communicable diseases. So, investing in public education on proper eating habits and supporting food producers and suppliers is an urgent necessity and should not be neglected any more.
    The Iranian Scientific Association of Healthy Food and Nutrition has been established and started its activities for the above-mentioned, as well as the following reasons:
    • The founders love their country and do their best for its development, and believe in the crucial role of health in sustainable development;

    • They know the relation of "health" with "healthy food" and "proper nutrition";

    • According to their experience which has been achieved through years of work in the health system of the country, they are fully aware of the existing capacities and the applicable programs in the field of food and nutrition;

    • According to their years of experiences, they can be the arm of administrative organizations for implementing applied researches, the consultant of food industries and food producers the trainer of people and those who work in food and nutrition field, as well as the carrier of useful international experiences;



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