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    The Iranian Scientific Association of Healthy Food and Nutrition was established in 2006, under the registration number of 22638, with the agreement of Iran's ministry of Health and Medical Education, and started its activities in 2009. It is a scientific, non-governmental association that its goal is to help in improving nutritional status of community, and to support food and nutrition related industries and crafts which try to maintain and enhance the public Health status. The inclusion criteria for using the help and support of the association have been determined based on the most updated scientific findings, as well as national food and nutrition policies.

    Members of establishing board

    1. Dr.Mahin Azar; PhD; Food Industries Specialist
    2. Dr.Abolghasem Jazayeri; PhD; Nutritionist
    3. Dr.Zia-addin Mazhari; PhD; Nutritionist
    4. Dr.Kamel Shadpoor; MD; MPH
    5. Dr.Robabeh Sheykholeslam; PhD; Epidemiologist
    6. Dr.Foroozan Salehi; MD; MPH
    7. Dr.Koorosh Samadpoor; MD; PhD; Nutritionist
    8. Dr.Zahra Abdollahi; PhD; Nutritionist;
    9. Dr.Farhad Gharibdoost; MD; Rheumatologist
    10. Dr.Masoud Ghasemi; MD; Cardiologist
    11. Dr.Masoud Kimiagar; PhD; Nutritionist
    12. Dr.Hooshang Nikoopoor; PhD; Food Industries Specialist


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